Recomended Songs

Apaan nih recomended songs? Aneh aja nih blog bahasa inggrisnya. Emang apaan sih thor?

Recomended Songs ini adalah lagu-lagu yang bisa bikin kalian para pembaca menjiwai isi FF disini.. Iseng-iseng aja waktu itu Author jbsung bikin Grade 2-2 yang part terakhir dan emang adegan yang enggak begitu sedih sih-_- sambil ndengerin lagunya Fly To The Sky yang My Angel. Anjirr.. tenggorokan Author sakit. Padahal Author yang nulis. Gimana coba ya kalo mbaca sambil dengerin lagu?

Grade 2-2

Love Love Love by Epik High ft. Lee Young Jin > download

Fallin’ by BoA > download

Is This Love by BoA > download

I Can’t by 2PM > download

My Angel by Fly To The Sky > download

Can’t Go (Mot Gah) by Brown Eyed Girls > download

Maybe We by CSJH (The Grace) Dana > download

[Bonus Track]

Spread Its Wings (Friends) by f(x) > download

Rain Drop by IU > download

Pandora by KARA > download

Super Love, Super Girl !

Stand Up (Ireona) by J-Min > download

Your Name by SHINee > donwload

Y (Why) by Super Junior > download

Forever by SNSD > download

Isanghan Il by Brown Eyed Girls > download

2 MA Luv by Shinhwa > download

Kissing You by SNSD > download

[Bonus Track]

Dreaming by IU > download

Just You by Super Junior K.R.Y > download

Walkin’ by Super Junior > download

One Candle by Groove Over Doose (G.O.D) > download

Dream Chaser

click save url  for download!

Gangsta Boy by f(x) > download

Run by Epik High > download

When I Fall by After School > download

In Your Eyes by SHINee Onew > download

Closer by SNSD Taeyeon > download

It’s U by SHINee Taemin > download

1000 Years, Always By Your Side by SHINee > download

[Bonus Track]

Dreams Come True by 4Minute > download

Saying I Love You by SISTAR Soyu > download

Get Down by SHINee Minho and Key ft. f(x) Luna > download

Beautiful Target

Beautiful Target by B1A4 > download

Snowflower by Park Hyo Shin > download

Rolling (In Addition) by T-Ara Jiyeon > download

Maybe by Wonder Girls Sunye > download

What Is Love by EXO-K D.O. and Baekhyun > download

[Bonus Track]

What Do You Want To Do (Mwoalhaeyo?] by B1A4 > download

Beautiful (Areumdawo) by SHINee > download

You’re My Star by Miss A Suzy > download

Snowflower by Seo Young Eun (acoustic version)


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